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Fast & Fully Loaded 5D BIM

Program Description: (Counts toward one AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU) In this one-hour course, design professionals will explore how a 5D BIM plug-in can improve the design process, allowing them to efficiently plan space and create storage solutions with creativity and flexibility. Dynamic design features, including accessibility and safety, with real-time pricing, enhance the creative and decision processes from conception to final inspection. Modular design and storage solutions that reduce waste and improve the built environment will be reviewed utilizing the 5D BIM plug-in to realize the multiple benefits of this technology.

Program Format/Length: Sixty-minute PowerPoint slide presentation including question and answer period.

Experience Level: Basic

AIA Program Number: ISWS00A

IDCEC Course Number: 110573


Discuss the evolution of design tools and the current use of 5D BIM technology


Describe how the 5D BIM plug-in assists with efficient space planning and storage solution options that meet all applicable accessibility, national, and local codes


Explain how the plug-in’s “clash detection” capabilities can expose potential design issues prior to the start of construction


Examine how modular and other storage design options create space and reduce waste, including how the 5D enhancement improves the design process for both the designer and the client

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