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Pathology Carousels

Vertical carousels provide automated solutions for storing pathology slides, tissue blocks, and more. The automated vertical carousels condense your space and store the slides securely and efficiently in a compact footprint. Desired slides are delivered to the operator at the touch of a button.  


Benefits of Using Pathology Carousels:

Ergonomic: Delivers slides to a waist-high counter, eliminating bending, reaching, and climbing  

Safe Storage: Limits possible damage from unnecessary and  accidental mishandling of slides  

Maximizes Storage: Rotating shelves are designed to efficiently store all types of glass slides and tissue blocks  

Saves Space: Saves 75% or more of floor space compared to traditional slide storage solutions  

Enhances Productivity: Reduces walk and search time  

Clean & Secure Storage: Fully enclosed with a locking door to promote dust-free storage and enhance security of slides  

Optional Software: Available with inventory management software


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