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Grants for Criminal Records Scanning

If you’ve been wanting to digitize your criminal records, you could be eligible for funding through the National Criminal History Improvement Program. The NCHIP has opened up grants to “states and localities to improve the quality, timeliness, and immediate accessibility of criminal history records and related information.” In other words, this program provides financial assistance to states who digitize their criminal records, including sex offender registries, firearm purchases, felony convictions, warrants, and drug arrests, among others.

We can help by assisting you in finding a grant writer and completing your record scanning and digitization goals with our CJIS compliant process.

About Southwest Solutions Group’s Document Scanning Services

• Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA+)

• CJIS compliant staff, scanning process, and scanning facility

• On-site or off-site scanning

• High-speed, large volume scanning equipment (400 pages per minute)

• High quality color scanning

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