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Do Your Police Lockers Stink?

We hope not! But if they do, we offer a wide variety of storage solutions that will eliminate odors in your locker room while providing for the unique needs of your officers.   

•  Ventilation: Achieve maximum air flow to eliminate odors and keep stored gear dry. The lockers can be installed with your air ducts to integrate with your building’s ventilation system.  

•  Electrical Outlets: Plug-and-play electrical integration allows officers to store and charge electronics, and the lockers’ ventilation prevents overheating.  

•  Flexibility: With countless possible configurations, the lockers are easily customized to your exact needs with a wide variety of accessories. Lockers can be reconfigured on-site to adapt to your changing storage needs. 

•  Seating: Benches provide comfortable seating with a built-in drawer for boots and other gear.  

•  Weapon Storage: Locking compartments provide secure and safe storage for handguns and ammunition.  

•  Document Holders: Door-mounted document holders allow easy access to records, documents, and notebooks.  

•  Security: Choose from multiple lock options depending on your security needs.   

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