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Wire Partition Tool Cribs &

Secure Storage Cages

Welded woven wire mesh security cage partitions can be stacked up to 30' high. Adapt ceiling panels during the design stage to create a custom, tamperproof enclosure for server rooms, tool cribs, evidence storage, DEA-approved drug storage, and more. The quick and easy-to-install solutions can fit hinged, double-hinged, sliding, or vertical rise locking access doors with a variety of locking options to regulate storage access and ensure safer, more efficient material handling during retrieval.    


Unique Wire Partition Applications  


•  Tool Cribs & Equipment Machine Guarding

•  Server Cages for Data Centers

•  Secure Evidence Storage for Public Safety

•  Stockrooms

•  DEA Approved Controlled Substance Enclosures

•  Tenant Storage Lockers for Condominiums

•  Driver Cages   

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